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The working group Xucurruc (www.xucurruc.org) is one of the working groups of the ERM (Educational Reform Movement) Summer School of the Country of Valencia Marina-Safor. This group has worked since 1992, and it gathers early childhood education teachers of 17 schools from La Marina, La Safor and La Vall d’Albaida.

This book aims to be an aid to develop basic qualities of the person, both in early childhood education as well as primary school classes.

The book is based on the Delors report to UNESCO on education for the twenty-first century, and using 26 proposals, it analyzes situations that our group considers to be important in the daily life of classes, both in aspects of the relationship between people, such as peaceful coexistence, or internal reflection. It does not forget things like selective sorting of waste or the care and improvement of the environment.

With this work, Xucurruc wants to help teachers who want to make a better world by doing their job. It also wants to help children who want to become good people.

The Summer School Marina-Safor and the Group of Teachers La Safor are two ERM benchmarks in the Country of Valencia for their work in pedagogical renewal and public school improvement. With more than 20 years of work the first one, and more than 30 the second, both have been characterized by the provision of training resources based on the daily work of the classes and the provision and/or organization of courses, workshops, and seminars that address the needs of the teachers of the counties mentioned above.