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Rafael Amorós Unes mans

Rafael Amoros is responsible for the illustrations. In addition, he is a practicioner of fine arts. He has participated and organised numerous exhibitions of his paintings, engravings, sculptures and sundials. He worked with Joan Olivares to make the sundials.

Born in Albaida, Valencia, in 1964, he has displayed his work in numerous fairs and in individual and collective exhibitions since 1983 both in Spain and abroad (Barcelona, Valencia, Palma, Alicante, Madrid, Belgrade, Stuttgart, Vienna, Gant, Tangier, Casablanca…)

His work has evolved stylistically and technically. On the conceptual field, his work has always had a point of departure of social commitment with some totally free approaches, becoming evident in the different thematic series that he has developed.

Alongside his paintings, he has also made numerous editions of graphic art, and since 1998 he has been developing various sculptural projects and sundials.

In short, he has created many works in which his curious and open nature has been revealing, engaging with the world in which he lives.